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3 thoughts on “How to build a guest user self-service registration for Office 365 with Azure”

  • Hi Laura
    I want to think you for this amazing article, i find realy many important ideas that i can use to implement a collaboration portal for my prospects.
    I will follow your steps and i wish i can do something useful for my company.



  • Fantastic article. I am implementing a similar custom invitation process and doing some similar steps, you’ve given me some additional ideas.

    Just as a thought, my current client doesn’t have an Azure Subscription (yet) and I suspect that there are a growing number of clients who will adopt Office 365 but just won’t procure an Azure Subscription.

    This leaves us in the position of trying to work out where we automatically execute the code to send the custom invitation, and to host the self-registration portal. A “quick” solution is to use an anonymous Microsoft Form that has a Flow behind it to do all the extra work of handling the custom invitation (with the flow containing some approval steps for checking we’re not get spammed).

    I can’t use the Form to do anything other than gather the details (no way to give the type of feedback you have for allowed domains etc.) but at least we have a way to let external users initiate the self-registration.

    • Hi Colin,

      I’m glad the article was able to give you some new ideas. 🙂 And yes, you need to work with the tools you’ve been given. But hey, at least that keeps you creative!


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